Mah Jongg 101 Class

This is a series of classes of introduction to American style Mah Jongg for the brand new player to someone looking for a refresher and tips and strategy. (April 2020)

>> Here’s my Keynote speech at MahjConn 2022 in Boca Raton (13 minutes)

>> Watch the fun, short "Masterclass" trailer
Below are links to the video recordings of the class and external links for other resources.
You can watch the classes at your own pace on your own time and follow along.
Email me for free class reference packets that go with each session at

All four video classes and a follow-up Q&A session are posted here. (You can watch sections and skip ahead or go back as needed)
Thanks for watching and let us know any feedback or questions you have.

>> Video of Class 1 (80 mins)
>> Video of Class 2 (90 mins)
>> Video of Class 3 (96 mins)
>> Video of Class 4 (88 mins)

>> Video of Q&A discussion about rules, strategy, the card, etc. (90 mins)

Additional Resources

>> Short TV segment overview/intro about Mah Jongg (3 min)

National Mah Jongg Card

>> Order the 2020 NMJL Card

Playing Mah Jongg Online

>> Video tutorial I did on how to join and play at (45 mins)
>> Video tutorial I did on how to practice playing on (15 mins)

(Sites to play)
>> Mahjong Time
>> Real Mahjongg


>> Beginner's Guide To American Mah Jongg
>> The Red Dragon & The West Wind: Guide to Official Chinese and American Mah-Jongg
>> Searching for Bubbe Fischer: The Path to Mah Jongg Wisdom
>> NMJL Mah Jongg Made Easy booklet

Instructional Videos

>> Michele Frizzell's Youtube video series
>>> Christine Blackford has a nice series of classes as well for beginners and advanced strategy

Purchasing a Mah Jongg Set
(Make sure it has at least 152 tiles with 8 jokers. You can find them on eBay or flea markets or and can range from $50 to over $1000 for vintage sets.)

>> Here's a nice basic set for $70


>> PODCAST: Mah Jongg Mondays with Fern Bernstein

>> Fun short video about me featured in Men Who Mahj

>> CONTACT: Send an email to Andrew Keeler

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